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Serantau Cable System

KRS is in the various stages of planning and justifying for a 18,500 km subsea (communications) fiber optic cable between Peninsular Malaysia and the United States, with branch landings in Kuching and Kota Kinabalu. Other possible cable landings in countries along the route are being planned as well.

  With the construction of this cable it would be able to address several pressing issues:
1. With a lower cost of ownership through a build model, pricing for international capacity and in turn, IP Transit charges will be lowered. This will help translate into cost-effective internet bandwidth charges.
2. Securing supply of a strategic resource and time sensitive international capacities for the next 25 years. It is a resource that must be holistically managed and planned well ahead in order not to jeopardize the many other initiatives that rely on timely, cost effective and reliable international communication infrastructure.
3. Providing the first direct international gateway for Sabah & Sarawak as some traffic does not need to transit back to Peninsular Malaysia and onwards.
4. The quality of service/ user experience on some routes will be greatly enhanced and improved as adequate supply and better redundant routes can be made available.

  Apart from the benefits highlighted before, there are several macro and geo political nuances attached to the Serantau Cable and the route chosen:
1. Geographical positioning: Providing a more direct route to the US west coast without having to traverse through several political and geological hotspots. Straits of Luzon - earthquakes, typhoons, undersea landslides. Overlapping claims in the South China Sea - may affect restoration or maintenance services. Narrow waterways around Singapore - risk of ship anchor damage.
2. Providing a "backup" capability to other carriers in the region as the Serantau Cable will be taking a completely different route from ALL other cable systems in the region.
3. Enabling existing and future cables along the Straits of Malacca to use the Serantau Cable. The all important communications hub initiative can and will take root along Peninsular Malaysia. This is more so if other cables land on the west coast and take a terrestrial path across and link up with the Serantau Cable on the east coast. This applies to requirements coming from beyond Peninsular Malaysia borders to the North and South.
4. It does not duplicate nor compete with existing Malaysian based carriers' cable routes. In fact, it complements and augments their existing offerings.
5. Because of the route taken, it is NOT another "me too" service as Malaysian incorporations compete with the best in the region to attract investments. It offers more.
6. Let others play the catch up game!
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