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IP-TAP (IP Transit Aggregation Point)


One of the issues faced by most local communication players today is expensive IP Transit cost due to non-competitive international bandwidth capacity into and out of Malaysia. Positioned as a capacity aggregator of sorts, KRS has implemented and centered around a neutral (Layer 2 Switching fabric) IP Transit aggregation facility called IP Transit Aggregation Point or "IP-TAP".

It is a multi-location, interconnected, Layer-2 switched Ethernet infrastructure connecting buyers (KRS Shareholders) to IP Transit suppliers. This will allow:
Buyers to connect to multiple suppliers via a single physical connection
Buyers to have access to the suppliers with no intermediate AS hop
Aggregating individual buyers' requirements for volume commitment and better terms

Playing host to local Internet service providers (ISPs), the IP-TAP infrastructure will be the leading point for IP Transit interconnectivity with the potential of meeting a significant portion of the demand for IP Transit service. This has been estimated to be at about 400 Gbps by 2015, and subsequently 1.5 Tbps by 2020. The proposed Serantau Cable build in our other initiative will be able to link up with the IP-TAP platform to help meet the requirements well into year 2040.

The IP Transit interconnectivity that the facility offers is planned to be a major factor in the reduction of IP Transit charges for the country in the future. IP-TAP will offer the lowest IP Transit connectivity costs in the country, resulting in tremendous savings and benefit to ISPs and subsequently end consumers.

Our core competencies are based around IP Traffic switching, routing and management. Besides focusing on our core business of providing lower IP Transit cost to our Shareholders, we will be focusing on building ancillary services that provide value added services such as traffic engineering, bandwidth management and outsourced services.

Over time, our plan is to set up IP-TAP nodes in various cities across Malaysia and to extend the benefit of the services nationwide.

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